Scientific Program

5th of June — Friday

8H15 Opening of the Secretariat
8H45–9H45 Oral communications Oc.1/ Poster presentation Pp.1
9H45–10H45 Oral communications Oc.2/ Poster presentation Pp.2
10H45—11H00 Coffee Break
11H00–12H15 Opening ceremony — Aula Magna

Plenary Session

The Humor as a health promoter

12H15–13H15 Session 1 — Child Health and Well-being – Growth and Development
13H15–14H45 Lunch
14H15–16H00 Session 2 — Adult Health and Well Being – From individual to complexity
16H00–16H30 Coffee Break
16H30–19H00 Workshops
20H30 Congress dinner

6th of June — Saturday


8H15 Opening of the Secretariat
8H45–10H00 Oral communications Oc.3/ Poster presentation Pp.3
10H00–10H45 Panel discussion

The media: When health and well-being become news

10H45–11H00 Coffee break
11H00–12H00 Session 3 — Health and Well-being of the Elderly — Present and future perspectives
12H00–13H00 Oral communications Oc.4/ Poster presentation Pp.4
13H00–14H00 Lunch
14H00–15H00 Oral communications Oc.5/ Poster presentation Pp.5
15H00–16H00 Conference
16H00–17H30 Closing ceremonies