Welcome to the International Congress of Health and Well-being Intervention

RECI (Research in Education and Community Intervention) and the Jean Piaget Health School (ESS) – Viseu, promote an International Congress under the “Intervention in Health and Well-being” at the University Campus of Viseu of the Piaget Institute, on May 31 and June 1, 2019.

The Congress intends to contribute to the discussion of current and emerging issues related to the health and well-being of the population and to count on the participation of researchers and professionals from different areas of practice and training.


  • Reflect on the challenges posed to the health and well-being of the population;
  • Create a space for dialogue that will allow the exchange of experiences between professionals from various areas of intervention and from different regions;
  • Sharing new technologies, techniques and processes among academics, professionals and other health stakeholders;
  • Promote a multidisciplinary view on health intervention and the role to be played by the various sectors of society;
  • Sharing new knowledge and allowing others to be updated;
  • Disseminate research projects and results in health and well-being;
  • Promote the debate on the health situation in the country and its dimensions related to the intervention of the different professions;
  • Approach partners from different regions to reflect professional experiences and share research results.


The program of the meeting is subordinated, as usual, to 8 main areas of research

  • Assessment and Intervention in Health and Well-being;
  • Education and Training in Health and Well-being;
  • Product innovation and development;
  • Health and Well-being Policies and Management;
  • Health and Well-being of an increasingly aging society;
  • Health and Well-being and Emerging Health Threats;
  • Challenges in Digital Health;
  • Unconventional therapies in health care and well-being.

Abstract publication

Title: Proceedings of the International Congress of Health and Well-Being Intervention — ICHWBI2019

Journal: WORK — A Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation

  • ISSN print: 1051-9815
  • ISSN online: 1875-9270


  • Adalberto Campos Fernandes

    Adalberto Campos Fernandes
    Ex-Ministro da Saúde
  • João Paulo Rebelo

    João Paulo Rebelo
    Secretário de Estado da Juventude e do Desporto
  • D. António Luciano dos Santos Costa

    D. António Luciano dos Santos Costa
    Bispo de Viseu
  • José Arenillas

    José Arenillas
    Fisiatra, Universidad Salamanca – Espanha
  • Leo Pas

    Leo Pas
    Advisor RECI – Médico, Catholic University Leuven, EUROPREV — Bélgica
  • Carina Dantas

    Carina Dantas
    Cáritas de Coimbra, Main Coordinator of group D4 – Age-friendly Building, Cities and Environments of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing – Portugal
  • Ema Monteiro

    Ema Monteiro
    Nutricionista, Pharma Nord – Portugal
  • Ermelinda Afonso

    Ermelinda Afonso
    Técnica Superior de Desporto, Camara Municipal de Viseu – Portugal
  • Isabel Dias

    Isabel Dias
    Socióloga, Departamento de Sociologia da Faculdade de letras da Universidade do Porto
  • João Apóstolo

    João Apóstolo
    Enfermeiro, ESEnf Coimbra – Portugal
  • Ricardo Pocinho

    Ricardo Pocinho
    Presidente da Associação Nacional de Gerontologia Social – Portugal