Welcome to the International Congress of Health and Well-being Intervention & 1st International Conference on Human Kinesiology 

RECI (Research in Education and Community Intervention) and the Jean Piaget Health School (ESS) – Viseu, promote the 2nd International Congress under the “Intervention in Health and Well-being – Health and Well-being in the Life cycle” and, the 1st International Conference on Human Kinesiology (ICOHK) organized by KinesioLab, at the University Campus of Viseu of the Piaget Institute, on May 28 and 29, 2021.

The Congress intends to contribute to the discussion of current and emerging issues related to the health and well-being of the population and to count on the participation of researchers and professionals from different areas of practice and training.


  • Reflect on the challenges posed to the health and well-being of the population;
  • Create a space for dialogue that will allow the exchange of experiences between professionals from various areas of intervention and from different regions;
  • Sharing new technologies, techniques and processes among academics, professionals and other health stakeholders;
  • Promote a multidisciplinary view on health intervention and the role to be played by the various sectors of society;
  • Sharing new knowledge and allowing others to be updated;
  • Disseminate research projects and results in health and well-being;
  • Promote the debate on the health situation in the country and its dimensions related to the intervention of the different professions;
  • Approach partners from different regions to reflect professional experiences and share research results.


The program of the meeting is subordinated, as usual, to 3 main areas of research:

  • Child Health and Well-being – Growth and Development
  • Adult Health and Well-being – From individual to complexity
  • Health and Well-being of the Elderly – Present and future perspectives

Congress themes

  • Children’s and Youth Health
  • Adult Health
  • Elderly Health
  • Health and Quality of Life
  • School Health
  • Mental Health
  • Health and Environment
  • Oral Health
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Occupational Health
  • Health and the Media
  • Family Health
  • Health Education and Literacy
  • Health Ethics
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
  • Training and Development of Health Professionals
  • Healthcare Innovation and Technology
  • Management and Effectiveness of Health Care
  • Health Risk Management
  • Non-conventional Therapy
  • Health and Well-being Design
  • Health Game Design

Abstract publication

  • Title: Proceedings of the 2nd International Congress of Health and Well-being Intervention – ICHWBI2021
  • Edition: Lisbon, Edições Piaget

Best works publication

  • Title: ICHWBI2021 Special Edition
  • Journal: Egitania Sciencia
  • IF: 1.123
  • ISSN: 1646-8848


RECI (Research in Education and Community Intervention) and Instituto Piaget, Viseu

Oficial language

Portuguese, Spanish and English


Campus Universitário do Instituto Piaget, Viseu
Estrada do Alto do Gaio, 3515-776 Galifonge, Lordosa – Viseu
GPS: 40º44’12.3″N 7º56’21.6″W


  • Amilcar Moreira

    Amilcar Moreira
    Sociólogo, Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa — Lisboa, Portugal
  • Anabela Martins

    Anabela Martins
    Fisioterapeuta, ESTeSC — Coimbra, Portugal
  • Anna Paula Petrucci

    Anna Paula Petrucci
    Advogada, Centro Brasileiro de Coaching Cognitivo Comportamental — São Paulo, Brasil
  • Cândida Alves

    Cândida Alves
    Psicóloga – UniCeuma — Maranhão, Brasil
  • Carlos Tavares

    Carlos Tavares
    Fisioterapeuta, ESS Jean Piaget — Viseu, Portugal
  • Carolina Vilano

    Carolina Vilano
    Líder de Yoga do Riso e Coach de Felicidade, Projeto “Rir Agora” — Porto, Portugal
  • Henrique Correia

    Henrique Correia
    Médico, Saúde em Português — Viseu, Portugal
  • Marta Leyton Roma

    Marta Leyton Roma
    Deporte, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos — Madrid, Espanha
  • Vera Saboia
    Vera Saboia
    Enfermeira – Escola de Enfermagem da Universidade Federal Fluminense — Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • Vítor da Fonseca
    Vítor da Fonseca
    Professor Catedrático Jubilado – FMH/ULisboa, Portugal